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  MCC provides analyzers for the the I2C/SM Bus. Also available are Monitor and Host Adapter tools and accessories for evaluation and development of I2C Applications.  
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  0   MIIC-101 I2C Bus/SMBus Monitor
The MIIC-101 Bus Monitor is a Stand-Alone and Remote Troubleshooting Tool for the 12C (Inter Integrated Circuit) serial bus developed by Philips Semiconductor or the System Management Bus (SMBus) developed by Intel and other derived protocols.

  0   MIIC-102 I2C Bus Monitor Plus
The I2C Bus Monitor Plus is our laboratory grade troubleshooting instrument for the Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C) Bus, SMBus and other derived protocols.

  MIIC-201 Windows to I2C Host Adapter
iport brings I2C directly to your PC. Just iport into your window-based PC's serial port, run our I2C Message Manager or Message Center for Windows applications and you'll be sending and receiving I2C messages in seconds.



  MIIC-202 RS-232 to I2C Host Adapter
iport/AI bring I2C directly to any computer with an RS-232 serial port. Just plug iport/AI into your computer's serial port and you will be sending and receiving I2C messages in seconds.

  0   MIIC-203 RS-232 to I2CHost Adapter
The iPort/AFM is our fastest and most powerful I2C Bus host adapter. Its RS-232 serial port interface and simple ASCII commands allows the iport/AFM to operate with any operating system and its compatible with most embedded systems.

  0   MIIC-204G  USB to I2C Host Adapter
The iport/USB is our fastest most powerful I2C Bus host adapter. Certified USB compatible, the iPort/USB will operate with any Window XP, 2000, ME, or 98se PC. Typical applications include product development and testing, EEPROM programming, device control and sensor networking.

  MIIC-207 i2cStick I2C Bus Host Adapter
The i2cStick is our personal, powerful and pocket size I2C Bus host adapter. Just load our free software, plug the i2cStick into a USB port and you will be sending and receiving i2C messages in seconds.



  SMB-SW3DN I2C Bus/SMBUS Analyser Software Developers working with the I2C Bus, SMBus, PMBus, Smart Battery Systems or other derived bus protocols, no longer need to guess at bus traffic. In addition to seeing smart Battery System messages in engineering units, this software works with our MIIC-101 I2C Bus/SMBus Monitor and supports a variety of message filtering, message timing, data display formats and logging options.
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