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  Softing Industrial Automation is a provider of industrial communication products and technologies for manufacturing and process automation. Softing products are tailored to the requirements of system integrators, device vendors, machine and equipment manufacturers or end users and are known for its ease of use and functional advantages.  
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• CAN/CAN Open/Device Net Interface Board
The CAN card 2 Interface provides a high-performance link to two independent CAN network. It is available in different variants supporting CAN, CAN open or Device Net networks. The CANcard2 Interface supports a wide range of operating system.



Softing CAN-AC-PCI Universal

-PCI board with on board microcontroller.
-Available in single and dual channel versions with flexible programming interface and integration with Mathworks xPC Target, CAN-AC PCi is a universal interface solution for almost any CAN application-whether it's bus analyzers, machine controllers, test rigs or real-time simulations.
- The CAN-AC PCI interface board can automatically transmit the data on the bus in exact, individually configurable cycles.

0   CanPro PCI Express
- Allows PC applications to exchange data with connected CAN bus and it is available in single and dual channel versions with a flexible programming interface.
- Low profile version for ultra compact systems and it is a universal interface solution for almost any CAN application-whether it's bus analyzers, machine controllers or test rigs.
0   CanPro USB
- It is high speed USB to CAN Interface Card for Mobile Use and also equips a PC or notebook with a top performing CAN interface with very short response times.
- It is suitable for a wide variety of CAN and CANopen applications like control measurement, confirguration and analysis tasks and it also available as a Heavy Duty version.
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