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  0 SMH Technologies FlashRunner series, the company's professional Silicon Device In-System Programming platform, is the result of the decennial experience in micro-code encoding for 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors. FlashRunner helps customers to enhance quality, save time and optimize manufacturing cycles... find out more  

• SMH Products Introduction

• FlashRunner Features

• FRI Series Universal Programmer

• FRII Series Universal Programmer

• FRIII Series Universal Programmer


• FR Quattro Series Programmer

• FR PXI A3 Universal ISP Gang Programmer

• EZ4000 ISP & Testing Station

• FR3070A-For Agilent 3070 Utility Card

  0 Dediprog proposes a complete portfolio of programmers and accessories to provide you the best total solution. All programmers manufactured by Dediprog are designed to support all serial flash products from most of the serial flash makers including ST, SST, ATMEL, Winbond, NexFlash, PMC, Spansion, Macronix, and EON ..... find out more  
  0 DP1000 An automated Programming system support all kinds of IC families such as SPI NAND/NOR FLASH, EEPROM, eMMC, MCU and more.

DP2000 An automated programming Automated programming system for tube/tape in and tape out. The system is equipped with a moving programming module and 4 nozzles to handle pick and placement of IC input, positioning, programming and IC output.

  DP3000 With the ProgMaster Universal Programmer embedded. It also supports to NAND/NOR FLASH, EEPROM and MCU... with offers in different input/output options of tube, tape and tray.


DP600-A /M1 / M2 Automatic / Manual Taping machine with Mechanical Accuracy +/- 0.04mm and PSA (Press sensitive adhesive) and heat sealing.






ProgMaster-U4 Equipped with 4 programming sited with a LCD keypad that allows stand alone function.




ProgMaster-U8 A new generation universal gang programmer with ultra high speed  
  NuProg-E Engineering UFS/EMMC Programmer. Speed processor to achieve high programming speed (Write 50MB/s; Read speed 100MB/s)
0 NuProg-F8 UFS/eMMC Gang Programmer and Duplicator with Supports UFS2.0 and UFS2.1 devices.

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  EE100 "In System Programming" & "Offline" programmer to update EEPROM soldered on board.  

SF100 "In circuit Programming" programmer to update SPI flash soldered on board or Freescale MCU using Ezport


SF600 "In System Programming" programmer to update SPI flash soldered on board or in the socket adapter

• StarProg-F Flash Engineering Programmer

• StarProg-U
Engineering Universal IC Programmer

    StarProg-ATE Engineering Universal ICP/ISP Programmer
  0   RPM - MPQ in-System Device Programmers for Manufacturing with Support for the follow Microcontrollers :Atmel AVR,Atmel AVR32,Cypress PSoC,Cypress Capsense, Cypress enCoRe, Silicon Labs C8051F,Zilog Z8 ,Zilog ZLF645 Crimzon,Zilog Zneo… find out more  

• MPQ-PSoC Four Port In-System Programmer for Cypress PSoc

• MPQ-C2 Four Port In-System Programmer for Silicon Labs Microcontrollers

• MPQ-Z8 Four Port In-System Programmer for ZiLOG Z8 Encore & Cromzon Microcontrollers

• MPQ-AVR Four Port In-System Programmer for Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

  0 EETools introduces TopMaxII.TopMaxII is a high-speed universal device programmer for USB 2.0 PC-interface. It programs a 64Mbit (AM29LV641) flash memory in 42 seconds. This is a true low-price production oriented system. The TopMaxII meets the demands of today's programming solution for lab and production line applications ... find out more  
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ProMax Concurrent Device Programmer for PC/USB (4 sockets)

  SpeedMax Standalone Device Programmer (4 modular sockets)  

Chip Max II Universal Device Programmer for PC/USB

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TopMax II Expert Universal Device Programmer for PC/USB (single socket)


Multimax 8G+ Stand-alone Device Programmer (8 sockets)


FlashMax High-Density Production Programmer, Stand-alone (8 or 16 sockets)

  0 Conitec specialized in development tools - above all , device programmers .Conitec GALEP Universal Programmers -Programmer set with DIL socket/module software , PC Cable , power adapter …. find out more  
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GALEP-4 Low Cost Portable Device Programmer with 40 Universal pin drivers & LPT port


GALEP-5 Mobile Device Programmer with 48 Universal pin drivers & USB port


GALEP-5D Heavy Duty Device Programmer up to 240 pin drivers, LAN & USB port

  0 Corelis Inc. is a US base companylocated in Cerritos, California.  They offers bus analysis tools, embedded test tools, and the industry's broadest line of JTAG/boundary-scan software and hardware products that combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service.
  0   Corelis-Bus Pro-S
- High-performance SPI controller with multi-IO interface.
- Four IO modes inclusing standard, 3 wire, dual and quad.
- Up to 200 Mb/s thoughput in enhanced mode for fast programming speed. - In system programming (ISP) of SPI serial flash and EEPROMs.
- High-speed USB 2.0 interface
-SPI Exerciser software works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 & Windows 10.

Corelis-Net USB 1149 E
- High-performance JTAG controller with I2C and SPI interfaces.
- Concurrent (gang) testing and In-System Programming (ISP) on up to four UUTs for high volume test.
- Four TAP connections for UUT designs with multiple scan chains.
- Supports Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Linux operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).


    Corelis-USB 1149 1E
- High-performance JTAG controller with I2C and SPI interfaces.
- User programmable JTAG TCK rate up to 100 MHz, SPI SCK rate up to 50 MHz, and I2C SCL rate up to 5 MHz.
- Three general purpose I/O channels.
- High-speed bus-powered USB 2.0 interface ideal for the bench and desktop; no external power supply required.
- Scan Function Library software supports Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows® 7 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).
0 Corelis-USB 1149 4E
- High-performance multi-TAP JTAG controller with integrated I2C and SPI interfaces.
- User programmable JTAG TCK rate up to 100 MHz, SPI SCK rate up to 50 MHz, and I2C SCL rate up to 5 MHz.
- High-speed bus-powered USB 2.0 interface ideal for the bench and desktop; no external power supply required. Scan Function Library software supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).



Corelis SCANIO

Complete boundary-scan testability is often out of reach with the unit under test (UUT) alone.Chip to chip interconnects can be tested internally with bondary scan but external I/O is necessary for that final elusive piece of test coverage.


  0   Corelis PCI 1149.1/Turbo
It is higher performance boundary scan controller for multi TAP (Test Access Port) and concurrent JTAG test and in system programming.
  0   Corelis ScanTAP IsoPod
It is an on accessory that provides a galvanic isolation barrier between the target system and the boundary scan (JTAG) controller hardware
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